Hilda Kortei—Selected Works

Spirit lives within inanimate objects.

I paint with intent, to inject life into symbols and shapes. I give them meaning, and they create their own.

I accept discarded materials as gifts from my community, a sharing of spirit and body, then cast and carve them to our liking, letting gestures of tenderness sit amongst clumps of flesh. They are raw and exposed, existing in truth, thick and heavy, soft to touch.

My hands are curious and my gut is sure–I am a maker and the basis of my practice is play.



Hilda Kortei (b.1994, London) is a London based artist. 
2023 – MA Painting, Royal College of Art (Leverhulme Arts Trust Scholarship)
2015 – BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Arts University Bournemouth

2021 – Solo Show: Waitless Beyond Blue, Cob Gallery, London